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Important Dates:

No Important Dates To Remember This Month!


We will be continuing to work on potty training with the entire class so please remember to keep your eye on the White board in the classroom to see if more diapers, pull-ups, or wipes are needed! Thank you

What's New?

The month of February was very exciting for the duckling classroom.
We were able to explore the community, celebrate Valentines Day, and
welcome two new friends into our class. The first part of the month, the kids
focused a lot on their community and the helpers within it such as
firefighters, policeman, etc. We even got to go visit the police station. The
second half of the month was spent learning all about farm animals. We
learned about where each animal lived, what color they are, and what
sounds those animals make. The kids had a blast with all the fun projects we
did as they got to work on their motor skills, their social skills, and their
concept knowledge of living things.

For the month of March, we look forward to learning more about the
different kinds of animals and where they live. We will be discussing sea creatures,
jungle animals, and animals of the Savannah. The kids will have the opportunity to
use their imaginations and concept knowledge to create habitats and explore the
colors and sounds of new animals. As we continue learning about animals, we will
also be diving into Spring this March and with that, the ducks will get to explore
outside more often and learn about the seasons changing. We have man fun and
exciting projects planned for this month and are excited to watch the children
further develop their language skills, their social skills and their overall knowledge of nature

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Meet Miss Afton

Hi my name is Afton Mitchell. I am a Junior in College majoring is Exercise Science. I grew up in South Dakota and just recently moved to Cheyenne with my sister. I am one of 11 kids  and an Aunt to three, so hanging out with kids comes pretty naturally for me. I am pretty new at teaching but I love to see all the children learn and grow and I am excited to continue working with all of them.


Meet Miss Enedina

Biography to come!