Ducklings- Ms. Liz

Welcome to the   Ducklings Parent Portal !

This month we welcomed a new friend into the Duckling classroom. Declan had transitioned very well, and quickly! We are always happy to make new friends! 


Dr. Seuss week was a huge hit in the Duckling classroom. We enjoyed many fun activities to go along with Dr. Seuss books we have red in class.  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Fox in Sox, and There's a Wocket in my Pocket we some of the books our class loved! We had a crazy hair day, inside out day and backwards day, and silly sock day. The kids also stepped out of their comfort zone and ate green eggs and ham that Samantha's mom made for us!

We have introduced a First/Then board to help the kids transition easier from one activity to another. For example: from free play to clean up and from lunch time to nap time the kids can look at the board to see whats coming next. 

We are preparing for Easter and have a lot of fun activities planned! We are hoping there are somethings that can be donated to the class to help us with plan these activities. 

We are looking for:

  • 12ct. egg cartons

  • Plastic headbands. Gender neutral color please!

  • Plastic Easter eggs


April 19th we will be having an Easter egg hunt at 3pm. Followed by Easter treats and a movie! If you would like to bring something for our class it would be greatly appreciated!

A quick Note: 

We went on two field trips. One to the library and one to the Botanical Gardens. We were told by the librarian that our group was the most well behaved group of young children that they have had! Be Proud! We sure are!