Hummingbirds- Ms. April

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Working on Motor Skills With Ball Play!

We created a ball pit using an old air conditioning box, placed a large pillow at the bottom of the box and filled it with various colors and sizes of balls. There were holes cut into the box so the children could climb in and out, and look out while inside. The ball pit encouraged exploration, learning, motor skills, vocabulary, and color recognition while promoting the advancement of social skills. 

The children got the opportunity to problem solve how they were going to get into the box and how they could stand or sit to still have room around each other to explore! They started to pick up and examine the balls, grasping and releasing the balls giving them the chance to practice their fine motor skills, and discovering differences between the balls such as which were squishy and which were hard. 

Through this project the children worked on so many skills including their vocabulary skills as they worked on forming the letter sounds for the word "ball" and they had a great time doing so!

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