Sparrows- Ms. Sydne & Ms. Anna

Welcome to the Sparrows Family Portal !

Important Dates:

March 2- Jobs in the classroom
March 17- Plant your own flower


We want to wish out very own,
Declan, a very happy 3rd birthday!

What's New?

It has been such an exciting month!
The class loved CAMPING, which gave
us a hint of summer, since we all can’t
wait to go camping this summer! We
were able to create out own fire, go
fishing, and even camp during
naptime! We also celebrated
VALENTINES DAY with our favorite
friends. We enjoyed fruit, cupcakes,
meat and cheese, and some delicious
juice! Thank you to everyone who
donated items to make our party so
wonderful. The Sparrows also got to
dive deep into the OCEAN! We got to
explore what we may find, the animals,
plants, and so much more!
The class has also been really into
Frozen, because it’s the best movie,
right? We sing and dance all day to Let
It Go, Tooty Ta, and Baby Bumblebee!

March has so much in store for us! Since
it is the winter season, everyone gets
sick. So, this month we are going to
focus on hygiene! We will focus on
hand washing, oral health, cleaning
surfaces, and so much more to learn
about staying clean and healthy! We are
also going to be learning about plants
since springtime is right around the
corner! We are going to learning about
seeds, flowers, vegetable plants, and
even grow our own!
Our class will also start integrating jobs
within the classroom. Some jobs will be
table wiper, sweeper, dishes helped,
laundry helper, and a few more. These
jobs will change often and allow the class to help even more!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Meet Miss Anna



My name is Anna. I am twenty-seven years old. I am a native Cheyenne, Wyomingite. I grew up between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Elizabethton, Tennessee for most of my life, and then returned to Wyoming to attend college at Laramie County Community College and University of Wyoming, where I studied Early Childhood Education.

I have two awesome parents and one older brother.

I can speak four languages, and I love coffee, camping, the beach, photography, elephants, and teaching (of course!).


Meet Miss Sydne

Hi! My name is Sydne and I have been working at The Neighborhood School for a year and a half and absolutely love it! I am currently a student at LCCC and will be transferring to UW in the fall to obtain my elementary teaching degree. My dream career has always been to be a teacher, so I am excited to accomplish these dreams in just a few short years!
A little about me; I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, ranging in age from 11-23 and I am right in the middle. I come from a family of teachers, my grandma, dad, and older sister are all teachers, and I’m following right behind!
I love working with children and have gained so much experience from working here and can’t wait to continue working with children!