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About Us

As a premier childcare, we have been serving the families and community of Cheyenne since our opening in 2012. We partner with families in supporting their children's needs, building a sense of belonging through educational growth. Working with families in our community strengthens the bonds we build to better support the children in our care. 

Our Philosophy

In classrooms at The Neighborhood School, we the teachers strive to create an atmosphere of stimulation, opportunity, and discovery through child's interests and curriculum planning. This plan provides an approach to see each child as a whole person, to develop the child's social, emotional, intellectual, language, and physical development. We view children as strong capable individuals who can expand their knowledge through interaction with materials and others. Readiness skills in these areas are fostered as the child plays and works with other children. Readiness happens at different stages and at different times, each child at his/her own pace. Therefore, we plan developmentally appropriate experiences. We provide a wide range of activities which open doors for a child to grow in all ways.

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