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Preschool 3-5 Years of Age

At the Neighborhood School we encourage and nurture critical thinking, problem solving, positive communication and self confidence. Children will engage in the community through field trips, special events, and community projects. 

Preschool children will play and learn through Creative Curriculums project based learning. Children have the opportunity to express their questions, opinions, and ideas and partner with an educator as they spend a month exploring a topic. They will be invested and feel accomplishment when they are able to share their learning with others. 


Children will develop skills as they play, explore, investigate and discover. We provide developmentally appropriate opportunities by offering Learning without Tears & 2nd Steps social emotional learning which compliments Creative Curriculum.

Children will build confidence by learning how to solve problems, collaborate with others, taking appropriate risks, asking questions and expressing their wants and needs in a safe environment.

We pride ourselves in knowing children are strong, smart, kind and capable. As we partner with families to support and encourage their child's growth and development.

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