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     TNS provides a whole child learning experience. To support children as individuals and as an intricate part of their education.

     Children will engage in project base learning. Children will develop skills as they play, explore, investigate and discover. Building routines and skills needed for life.

    TNS Kindergarten aligns with LCSD#1 Kindergarten Standards and WY Early Learning Standards.

   We have a WY Certified Licensed Educator and an assistant educator valuing the opportunity to cultivate flexible learning experiences. In using a project based curriculum and focusing on social emotional development children will collaborate, ask questions, observe,experiment and build a classroom community. Educators partner with children in purposeful learning experiences as they learn to gain the skills needed for their future.

     Children will learn from their educators, peers and their community. They will have the ability to demonstrate what they have learned through field trips, culminating group and individual work. Children will participate PE,Music,Art and STEM.

     TNS values partnering with families by communicating through Brightwheel, conferences, being included in classroom activities and daily check in's. 

     We pride ourselves in knowing children are strong, smart, kind and capable. As we partner with families to support and encourage their child's growth and development.

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